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Interested in joining us online also? will allow you to create an online store and sell directly to your customers. 

All vendors are required to have the following on the first day of participation:

White fire retardant canopy

Floor length table cloths on all tables
Backdrop on each tent
Fire extinguisher , First aid kit, and an evacuation plan
For adverse weather; you will need the following to weigh down your tents for ex: (weights, bungee cords, sandbags, or cement blocks)

Raw Inspiration rents you this space at its markets on a week to week basis. Neither Raw Inspiration or its agents are offering a contract or agreement that your space is for a period longer or after the week you are paying for. All other conditions and rules regarding no show fees, etc. apply. Raw Inspiration, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Part of the payment listed on your load sheet goes directly to the agent as a booking fee.

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Submitting Application

Download, and fill out your credit card authorization form here. Once complete you can send it immediately with the form below. 

What is the Jennifer McColm Certification?

Raw Inspiration, Inc.
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Subject: New Vendor Application


Insurance Sample

Credit Card Authorization form

We strive to educate our farmers’ market community on the importance of a green lifestyle and this extends into business. 

Our goal is to make our farmers markets as low-impact as possible.  

The Jennifer McColm Certification seal was created to show the community that our vendors are doing their part to improve their standards as a business and the effects on the environment that they have.  

Our outreach & education includes:

FARM VISITS: we visit the farms that sell in our markets, meet the farmer & learn more about their growing practices. 

RESOURCE:  we are a resource to guide you to the best green, sustainable products for your business.  We do the research, get the best prices & point you in the right direction.

EDUCATE:  Sign up your email for valuable tools for your business.  We share everything from easy, inexpensive DIY improvements for your booth to featuring the best new sustainable products.

INSPIRE:  We strive to keep you inspired!

Fill out the application here and submit to:
Please allow 6-8 weeks turnaround time.

JM Certification fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Your JM Certification will not affect you starting at the markets.

When your application is completed please send it to our corporate office
with any method below (Upload/Send now, E-mail, Fax, or Mail). You will be contacted when we have reviewed your application. 

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Farmers, merchants and other artisans for certified farmers markets: you must be pre-approved to participate in any of the farmers

markets. For an application, please click the corresponding application link below:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and save these files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here for

free. All documents listed on this page are the property of Raw Inspiration. All documents cannot be copied or used without the

written permission of Raw Inspiration, Inc.

Application For our local markets:

Notice to All Applicants:




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